Wednesday, October 31, 2012


in the magazine of the dutch metal branche "Metaal & Techniek" No 10 a nice article is published about the mini symposium we organized together with ROMAZO.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Festool NL 360°


For the last building week, we got a CMS Table and the mother of all hand held routers the OF 2200 for some tests and the rougher work from Festool. The work was done with ease and the multifunctional CMS system is on our wishlist for the next year.

We accidently dropped our plunge cut saw and noticed a little issue during the cutting, we already eyeballed the adjustment and it worked flawless again, but having the experts ready for a short pit stop was a good idea while bringing the router and the CMS system back to the headquater. We were off by just a fraction of a milimeter, but now the saw is adjusted perfectly again and got also a fresh set of brushed and sings in its best tones.

We are so grateful for the perfect service festool is offering for the bucky lab. Buy wise, buy once really pays off. We also talked about some ideas for the future, nothing to tell right now, but it seems to be an amazing next year...

Frans van Dijk and his Pit Crew from Festool NL.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


After just 4 days we finished the whole job, now the props are ready for the big opera that will be played in November. After cleaning and sorting all the tools and stuff we had a well earned beer and a workshop cinema evening.

Floris Visser the director of the Carmen opera thanked the whole team for the amazing work, we are very proud !

We will post pictures of the final product later, we are told not to spoil the surprize of our amazing props for the last you have to wait a little bit.




Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We have actually a poster exhibition on the glass technology live special exhibition space on the glasstec in Düsseldorf / germany. The glasstec is internationally one of the biggest trade fair in the glass and facade business. On the glass technology live stand, innovative concepts and products are presented, so we are very proud of receiving the invitation to be present there. If you have the time, the fair is running till the weekend.

So, while we are working hard at home with the new semester the last concepts are out in the public !

Thanks also to Prof. Knaack who send the pictures after hosting the architecture symposium on the fair today !

Tuesday, October 23, 2012




Having locked up the tools at night, each morning the empty floor changes into busy workshop, speeding it up just a little makes it even more fun to watch.

Monday, October 22, 2012




We have seen a lot, working on inflateables for a long time, we thought we seen it all, but these animatronic pneumatic structures are just amazing, and of course we share the same spirit!


what an amazing we started with the build of the Carmen stage . On our to do list we had the tools and safety intro, got a lecture about the opera project which explained the whole story and the props we are building. After the lunch we started to team up and started with the actual build...and we already messed up the whole building schedule ...why ? Because the studensts were so fast that we are already at least half a day ahead of the schedule ...amazing !

Its such a pleasure to see 55 highly motivated students in action and they all get their hands on the tools very fast and are learning also fast. We have to say, having the right tools really pays off.

Friday, October 19, 2012



For the very first time the bucky lab is released into the world...ok this time it still stays in Delft but we are going to use it out of the campus. Next week we will teach the students how to work safely with our tools within the "introduction for production technologies week", this time we will support the Carmen Opera that will be played for the 175th anniversary of the TU Delft. We are building the stage and props for the opera and transform the aula builging of the TU into a bull fight arena.

Johan already prepared the drawings with the opera organisation team, and Dennis give us a hand to load the mobile workshop, we are still looking for a bigger truck, but for the first time it worked very good.

Stay tuned, we will post every day next week, what we are doing.

So let the students come !

Thursday, October 18, 2012


for the first time on our continent the mini maker faire will be organized in Groningen this Saturday.
If you dont know what to do, thats the place to be.

And maybe, the bucky lab will attent the next one ...

more infos under



Thats an amazing project, a cardboard bike, and all told him its impossible ....


LOTUS DOME hundreds of high-tech flowers by Studio Roosegaarde from Daan Roosegaarde on Vimeo.

What a wonderful piece of art, Daan Roosegaarde, well known for his clever use of smart materials made this dome out of bi metals. We have to say it fits perfect in our course topic sunshades and domes.

Dont miss Daans project Dune in Rotterdam, you should be there short before dawn.


Monday, October 15, 2012


Every now and then we receive some feedback from our former bucky lab students, this time Han Z the coinventor of the facade pixel printer ( with Daniel Smidt) from the US send us some nice pictures from his masterthesis and a few words. Have a look:

"I was a member of the Bucky lab During Fall semester 2011. I was originally studying in Southern California Institute of Architecture and exchanged to TU Delft. My stay in the Bucky lab is a wonderful experience in my academic life. It was quite a different atmosphere from Bucky lab than Sci-arc culture. 

In west United States, especially in Sci-Arc, Academic Architecture emphasizes ideology, morphology and realized those in digital world. Meanwhile, Buck Lab offers a solid ground, from material to product, from nuts to bolts, for a practical architect to stand on. I believe the Bucky Lab provides what is missing in American School.
After my graduation, the Bucky Lab influence had strongly interested me to practice architecture in real world, because I believe the concept of architecture can't be practice properly without exercising fabrication. Since architecture project is not always enter construction phase, I choose making physical model as my own way to emphasis how the materiality, fabrication and tectonic can influence the design. Although introducing 3D model has greatly replace the handcraft model, I will still see crafting physical model as a critical bridge between fantasy and reality.

My thesis showed great influence from my European experience. It is an argument on Le corbusier's "The house is a machine for living in." While admitting the existence of machines in modern architecture, my thesis argues that the house could express the beauty of machine by transform itself as the extension of machines. In this thesis, many kinds of fabrication techniques are applied in physical model and those models turn out to be great contributions to convince the theory."

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Become the designer of this years official Bucky Lab T-Shirts front. We will, publish your ideas and you habe to vote, which one is the best. Make sure you use only own graphics.


Inflatable Kinetic Structure from Maksym Yurovnikov on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


It was a busy day for our mid term review, Having such a big group we had to be inventive how to present the concepts...well we are well known for our out of the box ideas, in this case the new Romazo tent serves also quite good as a prenter wall. It needs still improvement but for the first time it already worked.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


a nice video from Nick Kerckhaert to illustrate his concept for the sunshade, thats also the video that crashes the session yesterday...:-) 



Last weekend an interview was published in the cobouw, the dutch building sector newspaper.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


What a day..56 concepts were presented today, after a very intense one minute one slide elevator pitch the students now have to decide which of these concept will be further developed within the semester.

Decide yourself which one  of these ideas have the potential: