Monday, October 15, 2012


Every now and then we receive some feedback from our former bucky lab students, this time Han Z the coinventor of the facade pixel printer ( with Daniel Smidt) from the US send us some nice pictures from his masterthesis and a few words. Have a look:

"I was a member of the Bucky lab During Fall semester 2011. I was originally studying in Southern California Institute of Architecture and exchanged to TU Delft. My stay in the Bucky lab is a wonderful experience in my academic life. It was quite a different atmosphere from Bucky lab than Sci-arc culture. 

In west United States, especially in Sci-Arc, Academic Architecture emphasizes ideology, morphology and realized those in digital world. Meanwhile, Buck Lab offers a solid ground, from material to product, from nuts to bolts, for a practical architect to stand on. I believe the Bucky Lab provides what is missing in American School.
After my graduation, the Bucky Lab influence had strongly interested me to practice architecture in real world, because I believe the concept of architecture can't be practice properly without exercising fabrication. Since architecture project is not always enter construction phase, I choose making physical model as my own way to emphasis how the materiality, fabrication and tectonic can influence the design. Although introducing 3D model has greatly replace the handcraft model, I will still see crafting physical model as a critical bridge between fantasy and reality.

My thesis showed great influence from my European experience. It is an argument on Le corbusier's "The house is a machine for living in." While admitting the existence of machines in modern architecture, my thesis argues that the house could express the beauty of machine by transform itself as the extension of machines. In this thesis, many kinds of fabrication techniques are applied in physical model and those models turn out to be great contributions to convince the theory."