Monday, October 29, 2012


For the last building week, we got a CMS Table and the mother of all hand held routers the OF 2200 for some tests and the rougher work from Festool. The work was done with ease and the multifunctional CMS system is on our wishlist for the next year.

We accidently dropped our plunge cut saw and noticed a little issue during the cutting, we already eyeballed the adjustment and it worked flawless again, but having the experts ready for a short pit stop was a good idea while bringing the router and the CMS system back to the headquater. We were off by just a fraction of a milimeter, but now the saw is adjusted perfectly again and got also a fresh set of brushed and sings in its best tones.

We are so grateful for the perfect service festool is offering for the bucky lab. Buy wise, buy once really pays off. We also talked about some ideas for the future, nothing to tell right now, but it seems to be an amazing next year...

Frans van Dijk and his Pit Crew from Festool NL.