Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Raaco the world known company for assortment boxes and storage cabinets, also sponsor of the bucky lab will introduce a new line of tool cases this year. Today Peter Stouthamer visited us to show us the prototype of the premuim version of this new line.

What a toolcase, made out of 3.5mm plastic and reinforced with a sturdy aluminium frame that holds the locks, hinges and compartments inside the case this one is a fellow for years. Next to clever details on the outside and the inside is cames also with two gas filled shocks to support the lid while opening.

We did not tested it ( you should not pull stunts in the espressobar ...) but we have no doubts that you are able to stand on it as promised. At the end of the year also a trolley version will come out and we hope to get one for testing. For now have a look at the preproduction prototype that will be finetuned for the next weeks and comes to market soon.

We sense this will be a top candidate for the next iF product design award.... 

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