Saturday, December 8, 2012


We got two new Carvex Jigsaws from festool to test for the next two weeks. While we are very familiar with woodworking this time we will also build with cardboard. But how to cut carboard without creating messy cuts? We tested some self made zigsaw blades grinded into knife blades which worked already very fine, but a visit by festool showed that they also have a special blade that is normally meant to cut isolation material with a wave shaped knife blade. As you can see it works perfectly.

A new one also for us is the battery powered Carvex PSBC 420 EB, normally we prefer machines with a cord, having unlimited power for the whole day, but these machine seems to be the future of power tools with a powerful 18V Li-Ion Battery Pack. Up to now we are totally sold, and we are very curious about how the machine will perform all day long. Fortunately, we have two batteries, so even when one went low, we dont have to stop.

Thanks to Festool for letting us test theses machines!