Thursday, January 31, 2013


De Architect published a nice article about the bucky lab romazo projects. Have a look here

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Dwayne and Leon made a very good movie about their dome, so lets try to have a couple of thousand clicks on the youtube video, share it and tell the others !



Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Nearly all exams, final presentations are done and the semester is going to end. So a good moment to gather for a good pizza in the heart of Delft. Thanks to a carefull planning from Josien, she was able to get a table for 50 students in the best pizzeria in town, ok a table is not true - we actually got the whole basement for us.

It was a very "gezellig" night and the pizza was great as always. At the end Dr. Bucky Lab also gots a surprize to remember this amazing gang to thank him for his effort and passion.

His reply : This group picture will get a special place and you will always be unforgotten, the best team of all semesters up to now ...

Having such a big group, the motivation was on such a high level that it seems to drag everyone with the current of enthusiasm, so everyone was affected by the bucky virus at the way to avoid it, and exploring the exhibition shows their sacrificially effort !

Remember my words from the intro of day one: This will become your most busiest semester but hopefully also the most fun!


Monday, January 28, 2013


We will post the individual projects over the next weeks, but we already placed the most of them on our projects page have a look


So many great projects ...where to start ...Lets start with the inside of the Pop Up dome

Sunday, January 27, 2013


A lovely idea for the next symposium, Bananas with a logo ...we only have to figure out how to make it faster....



Saturday, January 26, 2013


A nice video from Lisa and Rianne, what a pitty that it didnt run on the big screen ...



After a full semster of hard work we had the finals on friday. This semester we developed sunshades in
cooperation with Romazo and some cardboard dome constrcutions ...considering the size of the domes the
"some" is relative.

The day was set up like a mini symposium having introductions from Martin Straver / Romazo and Dr. Bucky
Lab followed by 26 student presentations. At the end of the day Mick Eekhout gave a short farewell speech
about Peter van Swieten, who will now retire and had his last semester in the bucky lab. Peter talked about
his 18 years of prototype buiding and mentioned that he worked with more than 800 students and has seen
more than 400 prototypes - amazing !

Karin Laglas our dean opened the exhibition and had some words about the bucky lab. She was amazed and proud of the huge variety and the high level of professional work that is shown in the exhibition.

This semster was the first semester build with the mobile workshop and we totally agree on our deans words:
"Making the descision to close the old workshop seems to be one of the best I had made, seeing the
enthusiasm and passion that is going into this new concept!"

With more than 35 guests from the ROmazo sunshading industry network the tribune was filled and the overall atmosphere was at ists best, They were all impressed on the level of innovation and passion the students put into their work.

At the end of the day Martin Straver handed out a nice backpack or laptop bag to remind to this
susscessfull day and a good start of the cooperation and invited all for a well earned beer in the bouwpub.

Dr. Bucky Lab ended the show with an honest WOW - this semester was a blast and every hour spent for it
worth. The level of perfomance was never higher!  

Dont miss the chance to have a look into the exhibition, it will be there till Thursday next week. Friday
the show will be placed in the science center for another month !


it was a busy day before the finals could happen on friday. The whole Why factory in the oostserre of the faculty turned into a cardboard construction site and at the beginning it seems to be difficult to place all Romazo sunshade concepts and the cardboard ...did we made it ? Of course ! Stay tuned more pictures will follow...

Sunday, January 13, 2013


within the MAKING OF we are posting videos our students made during their development. Some may be easy recognisable, some not, but have a look for yourself and stay tuned.

This one is from Dimitrios



Saturday, January 12, 2013


We couldnt resist to give a short preview of the sunshading projects we developed in cooperation with Romazo this year. More details about the projects will follow over the next weeks and also the huge cardboard domes will follow.

But here a first glimpse in its raw uncutted state, wanna know more about it ? Join the finals on Friday the 25th. .


For the Bucky Lab we are always searching for specialized shops. The generalized hardware stores assortment does not suits our special needs. Today was a good day: We found another treasure box filled with stuff you normally have to search for a long time. De Paddestoel in Schiedam next to Rotterdam is a shop specialized for kites and all the stuff around.

You not only find ready to fly kites, but also everything you need to build your own. And of course we are normally not building kites but the products that can be found here are endless to name. Rods out of carbon, glassfibre, a huge variety of fittings to combine these rods, textiles from Spinnaker to other high tensile fabrics, yarn, thready, tapes, cords, ropes and lots of interesting parts you ask yourself for which purpose they are made.

Next to the real shop, which is run by very friendly and well experienced staff, they also have a webhop. So a good one to add to our link list.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Today we went down to the basement and took some pictures ....some is good it was actually 1096 !
Using the photostudio actually to store all the cardboard domes we had to improvise for our shooting - bucky lab style ...worked quite well, with the exception of the flash system that failed a bit but at the end, we got some pretty pictures of the beautiful prototypes.

The domes will be shot in the Oostserre during the exhibition...

Things we learned today:
- the smaller the prototype, the easier the pictures to take
- betonplex creates reflections
- Dr. Bucky Lab likes his cappuccino extra strong, extra sugar, extra milk...:-)

Side note : If you dont know what a White Balance is have a look in this pictures, the setting in the camera was done for flash light that appears white, now the lamps on top appears yellow.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Watching the Dakar rally reminds us of our concept of a mobile workshop, today we have to say the concept really works. Beeing already out in the wild for the second time with the bucky lab, everything works quite well, ok there is still here and there something missing. But it already looks a little bit like the bivac from Robby Gordon. We are happy that we dont have to work in the night ...but for the future we really would like to set up camp in the desert !



Monday, January 7, 2013


the new year started and we are excited to announce the final presentations of this semesters projects.
Here is the program:

Program final presentation
Bucky Lab – Romazo

On Friday the 25th of January 2013 we would like to invite you for the final presentation of the bucky lab – sunshading and dome structure semester of 2012.

Next to the presentations of the students we will also open the exhibition.

Program of the day:

9.30                 Reception in the Oostserre
10.00               Welcome from Dr. Marcel Bilow, head of Bucky Lab
10.10               Introduction of Romazo, Martin Straver, Romazo
10.30               Final presentations Sunshades and Domes
                        free mix of student projects – 8 min each group

12.30               lunch break

13.30               Final presentations Sunshades and Domes
                        free mix of student projects – 8 min each group
15.50               Resuming words from Peter Winters /
                        head of ES-SO the european solar shading association
16.15               Opening of the exhibition Karin Laglas, dean TU Delft
                        final words from Martin Straver, Peter van Swieten and Marcel Bilow
16.45               Borrel in the Bouwpub


Lectures will be held in the Why Factory which is located directly at the entrance east of the faculties building. It’s the orange glass hall. Julianalaan 134, Delft

Friday, January 4, 2013


For the second time we are launching a mini symposium in cooperation with ROMAZO. This time the symposium all around sunshading will we held in the Berlagezaal of the faculty of Architecture in Delft.

Its not only the start of the new semester and also the place to get a proper set of knowledge towards the new topic for the next semesters bucky lab students but also a very informative event for everyone involved in the field of architecture.

So feel invited !

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Our approach for a happy new year! Getting smarter by watching good movies ...this one is a nice one about the principle of a blind rivet. Short side notice: the name POP rivet refers to its inventor the company POP, and of course it pops when finished ...but in general not every blind rivet is a pop rivet...

So all the best for 2013 ! We are looking forward for a great finale of our running semester at the end of January finishing with a nice event and two exhibitions.

And for all the new students for the next semester waiting in line, we are again supported by ROMAZO and the next topic will be TEXTILES more time to spend on the sewing machine !