Friday, January 11, 2013


Today we went down to the basement and took some pictures ....some is good it was actually 1096 !
Using the photostudio actually to store all the cardboard domes we had to improvise for our shooting - bucky lab style ...worked quite well, with the exception of the flash system that failed a bit but at the end, we got some pretty pictures of the beautiful prototypes.

The domes will be shot in the Oostserre during the exhibition...

Things we learned today:
- the smaller the prototype, the easier the pictures to take
- betonplex creates reflections
- Dr. Bucky Lab likes his cappuccino extra strong, extra sugar, extra milk...:-)

Side note : If you dont know what a White Balance is have a look in this pictures, the setting in the camera was done for flash light that appears white, now the lamps on top appears yellow.