Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Nearly all exams, final presentations are done and the semester is going to end. So a good moment to gather for a good pizza in the heart of Delft. Thanks to a carefull planning from Josien, she was able to get a table for 50 students in the best pizzeria in town, ok a table is not true - we actually got the whole basement for us.

It was a very "gezellig" night and the pizza was great as always. At the end Dr. Bucky Lab also gots a surprize to remember this amazing gang to thank him for his effort and passion.

His reply : This group picture will get a special place and you will always be unforgotten, the best team of all semesters up to now ...

Having such a big group, the motivation was on such a high level that it seems to drag everyone with the current of enthusiasm, so everyone was affected by the bucky virus at the end...no way to avoid it, and exploring the exhibition shows their sacrificially effort !

Remember my words from the intro of day one: This will become your most busiest semester but hopefully also the most fun!