Sunday, March 31, 2013


working with lots of festool tools next week, we were asked to label our tools to make sure we take home at least our own tools. We think this is tool branding bucky style !

Friday, March 29, 2013


For the ones who cant wait to see what we are going to build next week, here a few renderings from Coen. The toolhouse looks already amazing and we cant wait to start with it.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This semester we are working on textile sunshades with our Partner Romazo. Tyrza and Hanife already have some promising tests on the go, have a look.




Today we moved the workshop to Festool in Waddinxveen.It was quite a moment when we saw our boxes moving in the sky with a forklift to reach the top floor of festools headquater in NL.

We will be busy the whole next week to build the toolhouse our student assistant Coen designed and planned together with Festool. The toolhouse will serve as a demonstration pavillion in their show- and trainingscenter.
It will be a challenge to build this in 4 days but the planning on paper looks already very proper and we have a team of experienced trainers on our side to get this build done.

Now its time for some rest during the weekend and then we are able to rock and roll ...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013



After receiving a truck load of screws from Heco we already organized them in our handy Raaco Boxxer cases. Getting what you need is now done with an blick of an eye. Hopefully our flightcases will carry the extra load, but we assume building a special Heco box in summer might be a good plan...


Monday, March 25, 2013


We started with the idea months ago and now its getting closer and closer to its final build. Next week we will build a demonstration pavillion for fesstool NL in Waddinxveen. Coen Kampinga our student assistant is connected with festool on the red phone and busy with the planning, It will be a challenge, but up to now it looks amazing and we cant wait to get our fingers dirty !

We will give an update every day next week, what we do, so stay tuned.


Today we got a delivery...Mr. Lowie from Heco Netherlands brought a big package as a starter kit for the bucky lab. From nearly every screw they make we got two boxes, this will serve for the further projects and will give a perfect overview about their assortiment.

The timing was perfect, next week we will have our introduction week and we will build a demonstation pavillion for festool NL. Heco will also come along and will tell us more about their products and their application. While still impressed about their product range we will learn which one suits the best for our
special needs.

Thank you very much to Heco and we are looking forward for an interesting session next week. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Starting with 3d printing in the bucky lab is the latest feature we are able to offer our students, while the printer for the course that will be hosted by Paul de Ruiter from CAD will arrive while we write this ( we hope so), our Dr. Bucky Lab was lucky to receive his printer for his facade consulting office already a week earlier.

Beeing busy to increase his 3D modelling skills and tweaking the machine to its best performance he already started to produce his own tools. We love sharing and the internet based platform thingiverse is the best place to share own designs he already uploaded his first part, available to the world.

So for the future we can also share the things we develop and print with others on this forum, have a look and see all the other parts that are available out there.

Here is the Screwdriver handle he made :


You know, we love professional tools, and when it comes to sewing there is nothing stronger than an industrial sewing machine build to last and able to sew even elephant skins together...

We got a nice donation from Guillaume Janssen, a Pfaff1445 jumper foot sewing machine with Puller. We still struggle a bit with this 380V compressed air supported beast, that weights nearly 100kg. Nothing you like to call mobile at all...but beeing placed on an electric pullcar this already become more mobile.

I assume we will bolt it on a euro palett and call it the most heavy mobile sewing machine, maybe we should permanently bolt it to the car directly ?

Lets see if we are able to make the best out of it. Thanks a lot to Guillaume Janssen for this lovely piece of equipment!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


On behalf of the student association BOUT we are invited to an exkursion to Poly Ned, the dutch expert in textile and membrane architecture. Poly ned is responsible for some of the icons in the Netherland and a very specialized company. They will give a lecture and open their workshop for us.

We are glad to announce that Bout invites next to the current bucky lab students for which the excursion is oblige also other students who are interested. So feel free to join us, as long there is a place in the bus for you !

Costs for the day: 10€ per person, which includes the membership for one year of Bout.
On you can register yourself and please mention the Poly Ned excursion.

The Bus will start on the 23rd of April at 8.00 next to the Aula.
10.30 lecture
12.00 lunch
12.30 guided tour
15.00 back in Delft

Monday, March 18, 2013


Within the bucky lab we are always searching for the best partners available for our tools. We dont have the money to buy cheap - especially good tools will make your work easier and safer. A good set of tools will last nearly forever and you will sherish every moment with it.

Today we had a meeting with Wiha the german innovator in handtools, they are very well known for their screwdrivers, bits, pliers and everything you should have in your toolbox. Our Dr. Bucky Lab - toolhead at its most - was impressed about the many innovative tools Ronal Veldermann from Wiha NL placed on the table. Hey have you ever thought about bending the tip of a plier to get a more ergonomic grip that does not fatigue your wrist while working for hours with it ? They did it and we have to mention it felt great.

We are discussing a potential partnership with Wiha, you know there is always a spot available on our boxes to speak out loud who is the best in the business...if that works we have to deal with less problems of broken bits and bent tips of screwdrivers...cross fingers.

If you like to have a look click here to get the info directly from Wiha.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Maaike developed the concept of a sunshade that is using an electrostatic field, looks already interesting, but will it actually work and usable as a sunshade ?

From now on two students will work on the concept.



Saturday, March 9, 2013


we are still trying to tellmthe software to invert the logo, to actually stitch the text and not the background, but so far it already looks very promising ...thats In fact a CNC sewing machine ...



Friday, March 8, 2013


Our favourite powertool company made a cool video about their service products, but next to the content the animation really rocks ...this is the german version, pretty sure there will be also an english one..


Thursday, March 7, 2013




Having a fastly growing set of tools and equipment the needs to carry and assort them becomes always a task of its own. Luckily we have Raaco as a partner for the bucky lab and they send us some carry lite boxes that proved already their perfect use in the mobile workshop. With these delivery we are able to house our sewing equipment and handle these with ease.

Within the next box we have to build the boxes will get a permanent place and will give a well organized environment beeing out on the go.

Thank you very much RAACO for your support!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Today we had an interesting meeting with Fokkema & Partners Architekten.  The student association BOUT from the TU Delft is always busy in supporting the bucky lab and the students in general to get in touch with the industry and architectural offices to provide an insight view and practical related knowledge.

Knowing that we are busy with textiles this semester, BOUT found an interesting research project that was started by Fokkema Architects to develop textile focused concepts for interior use in cooperation with architects, designers and experts in different fields of the textile orientated businesses. The project is called Architextiles and Anna Chris Eikelboom and Twan Steeghs from Fokkema showed some very intersting samples they had developed within the project.

Unfortunately the meeting was a little bit too late to directly start a cooperation with the current bucky lab semester, but the meeting showed that there are points of overlapping interests and maybe bare a potential of a further knowledge exchange.

For now on we would like to refer to the projects website: , a few projects are already placed on the site and on the 4th of April the team will present their results in the textile museum in Tilburg.


Building prototypes includes a huge variety of production technologies and most important fasteners of all kinds. Mostly we use screws, but which one,  is mostly the main question ...

We are very happy to announce that these question will be from now on professionally answered. Heco Schrauben a world wide known expert in screws will from now on support the Bucky Lab. As the german company claims itself : Just a piece of metal it may be, but our screws serve your safet - we are very confident to get the knowledge and all the details to know what is the best product to choose.

Heco will give an intro every semster on the details and specs on their products, and of course we will also get some of their products to stock in our mobile bucky lab.

We cant wait to get our hands on their products - Thanks for your support.

If you are interested, you will find their link on the right side of our side, have a look the variety is big and we will find out why do they have so much different types and their special field of application. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Reinier found a nice video about colour changing pigments, maybe something to be integrated in a project.


Friday, March 1, 2013


and here are all the projects !


Today we had the midterm presentations or elevator pitches as we call them. 1 minute 1 slide is all you got to show your concept.

The ideas of the students had a good variety and we were all impressed, what the students were able to develop within 3 weeks.

Our Jury or peer reviewer were Prof. Mick Eeckhout, Prof. Thijs Asselbergs, Tillmann Klein, Prof. Ulrich Knaack, Andrew Borgard and Koen Mulder, Frank Schnater and Marcel Bilow of course leading the session.

Driven by the vivid discussions the students decided which projects will be further developed and we are looking for the teamwork of the next months.