Wednesday, March 20, 2013


On behalf of the student association BOUT we are invited to an exkursion to Poly Ned, the dutch expert in textile and membrane architecture. Poly ned is responsible for some of the icons in the Netherland and a very specialized company. They will give a lecture and open their workshop for us.

We are glad to announce that Bout invites next to the current bucky lab students for which the excursion is oblige also other students who are interested. So feel free to join us, as long there is a place in the bus for you !

Costs for the day: 10€ per person, which includes the membership for one year of Bout.
On you can register yourself and please mention the Poly Ned excursion.

The Bus will start on the 23rd of April at 8.00 next to the Aula.
10.30 lecture
12.00 lunch
12.30 guided tour
15.00 back in Delft