Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Every year the student associaton Bout organizes a trip to a company, for the bucky lab students its always a welcome opportunity to have a look behind the scenes. This time we went to Poly Ned, one of Netherlands leading experts in textile architecture. Poly Ned is located in the north of the Netherlands in Steenwijk, so a 2 hour bus trip brought us there.

We got a warm welcome from the two owners of the company that is developing, planning and executing nearly everthing that is related to textile architecture. They not only cover whole football fields with airdomes but are also busy with textile ceilings, facade mebranes and larger roofs for sport fields or even museum which they showed us in a presentation. 

With just under 20 people of staff, they are able to manage astonishing structures worldwide. We were able to have a look into their engineering office and in their workfloor. They asked us not to take pictures, so here just a few to give you an impression. It was a nice day and we get a bit smarter, and of course have a good contact if we need something special in their field of work.

Thanks for having us and also to Bout for the organisation !