Thursday, April 11, 2013


You may already noticed that our Dr. Bucky Lab is also busy in a second chair - architectural engineering under the lead of Prof. Thijs Asselbergs to be exactly.

While the bucky lab is the first semesters course and focused on the design of smaller components and products the studio from the architectural engineering course serves till the 4th and last semester of the architectural education. Positioned within the section of Building Technology together with the chairs from Product Development ( thats the home of the Bucky Lab ) and and Design of Constrcution ( including the Facade Master Program and home of the Facade Research Group ) its the only chair that is able to provide an architectural degree for its graduation project.

Within the Chair and the newly renamed studio INTECTURE we are focusing on the Integration of Technology in Architecture - powered by Innovation. The students develop architectural designs influenced by a fascination and will include a detailed piece of  Technology in their work. At the end you can say the Intecture Studio might become the big brother of the Bucky Lab. Maybe there is also a way to develop your bucky concept further into a fully grown up idea of an architectural design for your graduation project.

So if you are already joining the architectural engineering track, or beeing interested in it, the new blog will be your place to keep you up with infos whats going on there in the higher semesters.

A fresh and yound team is waiting for your ideas and ready to serve your curiousity.