Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Today we started with our introduction of production technologies week. As already mentioned earlier we are building a toolhouse for festool in the Netherlands that will serve as a demonstration house to show the use of their tools in a more practice related way.

How was the start ? Hmmm, hard to explain: we are still searching for the right words, but amazing, stunning or pefect would suit it the most we would say for the moment....

Having a group of 19 highly motivated students with 2 docents from the bucky lab, 3 professional trainers from festool and a truckload of tools in one space will create quite an exciting atmosphere.

The day started slowly with a warm welcome from Frans and Marcel about the facilities and the project itself, followed by a tour around the house and the first intros about the tools: On the program in the morning: Precisio, TS55, Domino and the Kapex to be precisely ...Koen and Titus from festool our "experts of the day" showed everything in detail and the eyes of the students got bigger and bigger and their attitute already tols us : We want to start now !
Coen our student assistant and the "architect" of the toolshouse explained how we are going to attempt the challanging project and after so much info and knowledge.

HOSPITALITY is written in capitals for festool, and therefore it was not surprisig that we got an invitation for a rich served lunch break in their cantine.

After the well earned rest we got a very informative lecture from Heco Schrauben who joined the bucky lab as a new partner weeks ago with some 101 about their extended range of screws and fasterners of all kind. Now also Dr. Bucky Lab knows what we have in the boxes we got from Heco a few weeks ago...As special thank also to Mr. Lowie from Heco who also sponsored all the screws we need for this project.
There is a screw for every purspose !
We closed the session with a last explanation on the screws in festools training center with their powerfull line of  cordless drills from festool and protool. Its quite amazing if you see how a 400 mm long screw dissapears in a massive block of wood with ease...

At 15.00 we finally started building and everyone was directly on production mode, within 3 hours we already finished the first elements of the house. Time flew bye very fast and we were all impressed on how good the mood as also the precision on the workfloor was. Seeing the speed of the student and their learning curve we are confident that we are able to do this in such a short time.

It was a perfect day and looking at the pictures we took it is obvious that everyone had a blast. Everyone was able to learn a lot, the experts were impressed about the mobile workshop ...What an Ipod Dock in a flightcase ? Yes, we have ! and even Dr. Bucky Lab learned some new tricks about his own tools in the boxes.

Everytime we looked around and Titus or Koen from festool were gone, we knew they will came back a minute later with some special tool in their hands and a smile on their lips ..."Well, we have this tool, that makes life a bit easier, I will show you! ...its working like a kid in a candy store ! We love festool !

So enough of the words, we have to make a few more name tags ...here some pictures.