Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Today we made big steps for our project, having the first day without any introductions. Coffee is an important energy boost in the morning and we all meet downstairs in the cantine and have one, but how much the students are eager to work was noticeable today when we were asked: Can we start now ?

Of course lets start ! Today we finished all corner elements that will also serve as a nice display for some tools later, to be honest that was a tricky part and a good test if the students are able to work precisely.
All in all we mastered these tasks and the final pieces looked great after some finishing touches with the router to make the two joining plates with the cut outs perfectly fitting.

Hour by hour we saw the elements stacking on top of each other and the students jumping to the next element. On some elements a few more holes then needed were drilled, but as we always say: mistakes have to be made and who can blame them when making them is such an easy task ...

The first floor elements are already cut and we will start to set up the foundation of the pavillion tomorrow in the demo room downstairs. We had a very pleasant day and everyone left with a smile, beeing proud of their accomplishments of the day, and getting a good feedback from the experts makes us happy too.