Monday, April 22, 2013


The careful reader might already recognized a new Logo on the right side WIHA Premium Tools ....Yes we already wrote about it earlier and we are proud to announce that Wiha the german tool company is now supporting the bucky lab.
Wiha send us a nice package for the start, but more important will also teach us how to use these and what makes them the finest tool on the market.

Next to their broad line of screwdrivers Wiha also produces pliers of all sizes and types. We really like their new type of ergonomic pliers that are bend to reduce fatique in your wrist while working with them, looks a little bit strange, but man, that feels good. We will post a test later, when we had some quality time with them.

The best of all is their excellent range of bits, using powertools most of our time we always had trouble with
broken bits due to the fact that our local dealer handed over some bit sets that seems to be made out of iron instead of steel...So no more hussle with these tiny but so crucial parts. To be honest they even make more tools, some of them we even dont know their name, but we are still learning ....

We will make some room for the new tools in our boxes and are looking forward to use them extensively in May when we build the prototypes of this semester.

Thanks to Wiha for their great support !