Thursday, May 30, 2013


Day 8 and this time no pictures of projects or tools...becuase we had our BBQ today and this time the weather was our friend !

Around 4 pm we stopped working, while the students had no mood to stop at all, actually today was one of the most busiest day of the whole time in the tent and everyone was very busy...but the BBQ is a must !

Of course its the time to celebrate the projects progress and the students work till now, but also our way of thank our sponsors and supporters who made these possible.

Martin Straver from Romazo saw the prototypes for the first time and was impressed, its like a look behing the curtains to see the projects 4 weeks before the official finals, Peter Stouthamer from Raaco was impressed of our good use of the Raaco Boxes and really liked our new Heco Box. Aard Wassink and Mark Bomer from Hettich had a look on our new box and already confirmed that they will take care of the drawers ...and Wouter Beck from Hunter Douglas was curious about all the different textile techniques that the students used in their projects and will mark the finals in his agenda.Frans van Dijk from Festool stopped shortly to welcome Dr. Bucky Lab and a second later he was already in the tent and showing the students who still worked there some tricks on how to finish their prototypes ...he is a passionately trainer from his heart ! 

To sum it up it was a very good event and thanks to Alex from Sodexo who arranged a big barrel of crushed ice the beer was ice cold. Dr. Bucky Lab did his magic on the BBQ and served german "Currywurst" the first ones a little bit too crispy but to prepare this on a 1300°C hells fire is a form of art in itself...and yes its true Marcel was really in his element and BBQ what more can you ask for !

Even the dean Karin Laglas came along for a drink and told us her appreciation. Its so great that we are able to do the course like we do it and we are quite grateful thas this can happen the way it is.

Thanks to all our supporters !

Tomorrow we are able to keep on working till lunch, and then we will clean up and roll the workshop down in the cave to give the tools a well earned rest also ...

more pictures of what we have done before the party will be published tomorrow ...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Rain ...again ....bummer ...but it was quite a nice day still. Today some happy faces and some action fotos.
Kees prepared lunch and Marcel finally builds a box for the late ones ...( too late ? You have to pay a euro - but its for a good purpose - will be spent for beer for the party )

One busy day to go and tomorrow we will also have our famous BBQ with german "Currywurst"

Usch Engelmann: Transhader - University Weaving Project

Nice to see that others are as enthusiastic as we are about our projects is Usch our textile expert blogging about one of our projects.

Usch Engelmann: Transhader - University Weaving Project


a mobile CNC router...oh we need this, so much !



Tuesday, May 28, 2013


sunny weather again, perfect working conditions ! The battle is on: Who uses the most tools on their table and who uses the most parts seems to be the answer is found ...have a look !

We got a set of custom made tension springs and they fit perfectly ! Lets see how the final prototype will work...

Today we also saw some amazing weaving projects, next to classic textiles some are also weaving with self made strips and also with silicone tubes ( see also the video ).

And only after 6 days we made a ramp for our tent, due to the fact that we will have this tent every year, this one will be a keeper !


Our students get busy with the Dowcorning silicone tubes we got. They made a very handy loom by themself and did already a good piece of their fabric sunshade / sun collector ...



Monday, May 27, 2013


What a difference if the sun shines ! Today working in the tent was a pleasure and only wearing a shirt was much more pleasing than a jacket ...

The prototypes get more and more complex and the students gained more and more experience.
We saw some nice jigs, some wheels on our new Heco Box ..yes nearly finsihed !

Today we also got a specail delivery from Luxaflex with 4 sunshades, which were specially made for us last friday ! Thanks a lot to Luxaflex and Romazo who take so much care of us ! Its a treat to work with you !

The weather was acually so nice that we took the sewing machine out and did some work in the wild ....the girls had fun !


Today the sun was with us, so a perfect day to work outside. Pinar grabbed our blue beast and sew some stripes. This is really an off road sewing machine that goes everywhere...



Friday, May 24, 2013


Last day of the week and the parts coming together ....
here some impressions of the projects. We are all exhausted from working in the cold, but we have to admit...its worth the effort !