Saturday, June 8, 2013


Every now and then our tools need a little love and our supporter Festool NL takes always care of them. This week we had an appointment to get a plug it cable installed to our Rotex sander, which came as a car version with a fixed cable, due to the fact that we have plug it connectors on every other machine we asked to get this "comfort" issue fixed and so they told us, come along, no problem, we can convert it. Also our Domino jointer needed a fine adjustment, so off we went for a little pit stop.

Beeing already welcomed by Koen on the parking lot, and taking care of our systainers, Frans directly took the opportunity that his service colleagues left the service desk and started to convert the Rotex by himself and I have to say, he had as much fun doing it as we had watching him. Danny came back and took take of the Domino and the we spent a liitle time in the showroom to see the finishing touches of the toolshouse, which will be painted in light grey to let more appear as a big systainer ...cant to wait to see it finished.

Its such a pleasure to see how passioned the members from festool takes care of the tools and the service is great. Thank you so much for your great support !

We also made a short video so here a few impressions :