Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today Coen and Marcel took the time to complete the final piece on festools toolhouse, finally as we can say...The handrail of the raised floor within the toolshouse was already made during the building days, but as things goes in life ...never put onto the structure ...

But this last piece is now also finished, or lets say for our part at least due to the fact that the toolshouse is a running project that will be updated time by time from the trainers itself to meet their demands and requirements in a growing range of tools and accesssories.

At the end the brave guys from the bucky lab also build a small sample to illustrate how the construction is made and to allow a view into the construction, which is assembled with festools invisible domino tenons.

We are happy that the toolshouse is already in use and up to now its seems to fulfil its functionality very well.