Monday, July 1, 2013


After one semester of hard work, the students of the Bucky Lab had their final presentations today. In total the 19 students presented 9 projects they developed within the semester.

After a short intro from Dr. Bucky Lab, Martin Straver from Romazo mentioned the importance of solar shading as a contribution of a sustainable design of a building. Peter Winter from ES-SO mentioned that we need efficient but also sexy solution that prevent overheating and therefore are able to control solar gains in winter but also an effective shading in the summer.

The short presentations of the students went smoothly and all guests were listening to their exciting storys.

At the end of the event the mobile bar of the bouwpub served a cold beer and a tasty snack. The endless discussions next to the prototypes indicated that this event was again a big success.

We would like to thank Romazo for the support ! It was again a blast and all the positive feedback we got, showed us that we are doing a good job !

Here some impressions of the day.