Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Every year the TU Delft organizes an Alumni event for the whole university, this year the event was hosted in the faculty of Industrial Design and with more than 800 guests a big happening. An intersting program was set up to entertain the guests containing discussions, lectures and workshops. This time for the first time the bucky lab was asked to join also and we had two sessions in which the guests were able to build something.

The first session was a dome construction and we were able to set up the Cardboard dome form Bram and Patricia once again. It was quite a wow moment for the participants of the workshop seeing the dome come together in less than 17 minutes and you can see on the smile on their faces that they had fun this evening.

As a second sessions we build an inflatable structure, due to the limited space we had to do something more simpler then planned but it was already very impressive seeing a flat bag growing in size. Thats what you are able to do with inflatable structures, something big but at the same time lighweight.

Have a look at the pictures, this was really a fun event for all of us !