Tuesday, November 19, 2013


When the superheroes meet in a comic book its called "crossover"...We decided to do a crossover with Festool and Hettich to learn something about the products of Hettich and what is the best occasion to learn something ? Yes build something ...so next to a very interesting introduction from Hettich in festools headquater in the Netherlands we build also our 6th bucky lab flightcase, our Heco Box. We got Heco Schrauben as a partner for the bucky lab already a time ago and they were so generous to send us every screw they made ...and what do you do with these ....bucky lab style neatly organized in our Raaco Boxxers, but how to travel with these heavy set of screws ...So the old shopping kart was not the best solution and we have now a perfectly shaped box which houses the assortment of Heco. The last finishing touches still missing but the build of the box was a big success, having 5 trainers from festool and the expert from hettich with their hand on the box to make these smooth running multiple drawer organizing box.

We cant wait to see the box in action, to get a short impression of the day have a look, we made a video.

Thanks to Festool, Hettich and Heco and also Raaco for their great support!