Friday, December 20, 2013


Day 9 also the last building day, and what a day …sometimes it all happens in one day…while some finished their prototype already, Kees got a golden needle for being in the TU Delft for 40 years and Bas had a bad bike accident. We wish you all the best !

Next to the good and bad news we also had our traditional party to mark the end of the building weeks, with beer and soup. Martin Straver from Romazo had a peek sneak view of the concepts and was very impressed about their progress and ingenuity. He also brought a nice gift for the christmas holidays - a unique Romazo backpack. Frans van Dijk joined the party as also Prof. Mick Eekhout for a drink and an interesting discussion about the prototypes. Bart Groot the inventor of our Walko workbenches was impressed about the students skills, unfortunately the other sponsors and partners of the bucky lab had a busy time before the holidays and weren't able to join, but all send greetings and the best wishes for the holidays.

The best feedback from all the experts was the overwhelming notice of the bandwith of the concepts, and the skills the students learned in such a short time.

Tomorrow we will clean up the mess we made the last two weeks and try to get our tools in order and ship everything back to the faculty. You first have to make chaos to create something wonderful ….

Good night and see you tomorrow, was a great day, except the accident of course.

Goede Beterschap Bas !