Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We did it again ! After a half year of hard work we were able to win again 3 prizes during this years edition of the Bold and Beautiful student award during the facade trade fair gevel 2014 in Rotterdam.

Due to the fact that we won all first 3 prizes the last time that brought up some issues ... so we are very pleased and proud to announce that we were able to gain the 2nd, 3rd and also the special price for this years competition. The 2nd price went to the IOR Shading from Freek van Zeist, Remco Wiggers and Luuk Graamans, the 3rd prize was achieved by Wouter Vlietstra and Carlyn Simoen with their folding flowers.

The folding flowers also got the Romazo sponsored special prize that was handed over from Martin Straver the head of Romazo.

Best wishes also to Valerie from the university of Leuwen for the first prize with her greenhouse double facade.



  1. ~Jammer dat het ontwerp folding flower zo'n slechte copy is van een goed project!

    google maar: Morning Glory van studio WM

  2. the morning glory is a nice project, but the folding flower is not a cheap copy, its a different approach of a flower that opens and closes, in this case it needs less parts, therefore a cheaper more economic concept.