Saturday, January 11, 2014


Beyond Borders, innovative, adaptive, smart and beautiful …thats what the facade competition asks for …to be honest all of the projects would fit …and all have the chance to win a price...

Also this time its a tough choice and we will never know if this was the right decision, but we had to made one …after long discussion with the whole team and some colleagues we made a decision, these 5 concepts will start the battle against the other contenders on the facade fair bevel 2014 in Rotterdam.

We decided to pick a broad variety, and being able to send in 2 more than promised we had also the opportunity to pick two from the last semester. Its more than unlikely that we are able to pull the head trick and get all 3 prices like last time …( some said this was politically incorrect …) but lets cross fingers that this was a good decision.

We would like to see you all in Rotterdam on the 22nd in AHOY for the final results, the jury will interview the groups from 12.00 on so make sure you have a seat in the first row and help cross fingers.
The results will be announced later that day.