Friday, January 24, 2014


With 65 students, 29 projects and 45 guest from Romazo this time we broke every record of the bucky lab final presentations. What a day …all the presentations of the students went so smooth that we were already ahead of time schedule after the first 5 presentations, till a fire alarm starts to ring …in this case the evacuation of the building brought us back to the schedule…quite convenient to be honest…

What amazed everyone was the huge variety of concept and the passion and love for the detail every student group put in their design.

The end of the day was celebrated with a traditional borrel with the mobile bar from the bouwpub. We all earned it so well…

This semester was truly a blast, the big group drove us crazy every now and then, but seeing all the wonderful models made us all aware that it was worth it !

We would like to thank Romazo for their great support within the last 3 semesters.