Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today we set up our 5 prototypes in Rotterdam for the Bold and Beautiful award. While all the companies still being busy to prepare their booths, we were able to sneak into the hall and set up or mock ups. Breur our new partner was so kind to help us getting their and Frank van Osterhout was so enthusiastic about our projects that he decided to drive the Sprinter by himself. Its so comfortable to have such a good partner and everything went smooth like a train.

On the fair the exhibition site was already set up and all of our models fit nicely on the podests. Even the power we asked for was already set up.  With the posters already printed from VNU the fair organisation it was easy to find the right spot.

This time we have two models filled with liquids and to ensure a save transport we had to fill them on the fair ground but that was also done in no time and after a short polish and cleaning job all the models looked nice and shiny …

Tomorrow at 12.00 the jury will interview our teams and all we have to do is cross fingers and pray …
We will report the results tomorrow

Here some impressions from today.