Friday, March 7, 2014


Its always an exciting moment when our students do the elevator pitch, presenting their ideas and concepts within one minute and one slide. Today 38 concepts were shown, dealing with the topic of daylight.

Most of the concepts were based on the fact that there is too much sunlight, so its was more towards the direction of fighting the sun, while others started to think about how to get more daylight into the building.

Under the eyes of the experts from the field, a very nice session was held in our studio. Paul Settels / ING and member of the organisation team of the Licht 2014 event that will be held in September in Den Haag was impressed by the variety of the concepts. Truus Hordijk /TU Delft and a member of the NSVV asked the right questions to let the students think about their concepts and started a nice discussion about the pro and cons of the ideas, while Wouter Beck / Hunter Douglas and member of the Living Daylight association was pointing out important facts behind the presented concepts.

With these valuable info’s and feedback it was up to the students to form groups and decide by themselves which ideas are worth to be engineered further for the next months. Its quite a moment  if you have to consider to skip your own idea and to join another’s  concept. Up to now we have seen already good teams to push the envelope and join forces for the next steps.

The session was a blast, the presentations, the ideas and also the posters already showed that this will be an interesting and exciting semester.

Thanks for the effort and also for our guest critics to support the team. Thanks also to Maurice Ridder for taking care of the presentations !

And here are all the concepts in a row, yes …impressive !