Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Building weeks Day 3 - 5 drops of rain

We are already so far ahead with the projects that it was time to talk about sanding and finishing touches. Our Dr. Bucky Lab grabbed the sanders and talked about the different machines we have in the boxes to make the prototypes clean and crisp. Still blessed with the weather we were able to work also outside the tent.

While the most rain already hit Delft last night, today we only got 5 drops, we put everything in the tent, but at the end it was just a false alarm - better safe than sorry …

The prototypes really come to life right now, and the students are busy all day long. Its also the time to reconsider the design and adjust here and there some details that did not worked out the way expected.

While we had to disappoint Simon and Mark that Nylon wasn't that easy to machine on the lathe we had also good news for the two, who tried several production methods to make small parts to guide their wires. Quintall a metal working company in the region was so kind to machine the needed parts on their new CNC lathe. We will report later, and are already very happy. Rapid prototyping and 3D printing is not always the answer.

Coen, Kees and Marcel are constantly busy with the guidance of the students but today they had the chance to start their own project, a coffee car, a place to cool down beverages and a place to put the coffee machine. Working fast as hell, they also made more mistakes then the students..who seems to listen better to the two than the "experts" himself …good that the two knows the tricks of the trade to save the project at the end …and nobody can tell that they messed it up.

Lets see how the coffee car will turn out the next days…the atmosphere is great and we have the time of our life again - bucky lab rocks !