Friday, May 23, 2014

Building Weeks Day 5 - Bssssssssss

Day 5 - end of the week, time is flying. We already spent 5 full days in the workshop. The projects are already in their finishing stages, so the overpowering sound in the the tent was a humming from our sanders.

Breur stopped by and delivered a long awaited set with additional sanders, and it took not so long till the students got their hands on the tools and started to sand their prototypes to a smooth finish.

Coen and Marcel were able to finish the coffee car, and we are able to use it on monday. With a few stickers, everything looks much better and the car already looks like belonging to the workshop.

And after all, Anne brought a yummy snack, Hot Dogs for the whole gang, thanks a lot !

As already mentioned before, a normal day starts with a coffee in breurs shop in Den Haag / Ypenburg, so this morning we got some wheels for the coffee car.

For all of you a fine weekend you all earned it !