Monday, May 26, 2014

Building weeks Day 6 - Code Yellow

Today we got the news from the radio that a rainstorm with code yellow is awaited, so we all flew into the tent, it starts raining but it was more dropping than stormy conditions at all.

Well rested from the weekend we took up the pace from last week and the prototypes are growing rapidly. Today we learned a lot, for instance:

- its more fun to sand together then alone while the team mate is just holding the work piece
- that a router with a clever jig becomes the best drill press ever and having two routers is always better
- that a nice paint job needs more then one layer of paint
- that Kees always smiles even when it rains
- that Dr. Bucky Lab is able to test 3 different methods within 4 minutes and still fails …luckily the science center had the right tools for the job.
- that our yellow Wiha screwdriver for the router seems to be on holidays …
- that a hot coffee from our new coffee car tastes even better than before :-)

All in all a nice day even with rain in the second half, but have a look by yourself: