Sunday, May 25, 2014

FabFac supports Bucky Lab

Every now and then we have a job that needs more precision or is so labour intensive that it could not be done within the building weeks. We already wrote about the help from quintall who will machine parts on their cnc lathe for us. Rodrigo and Ahmed also had a concept that was doable in a small sample by hand but now they needed 4000 3 mm holes in a perfect grid for their glassfibre prototype.

Pieter Stoutjesdijk was so kind to machine the plate with his cnc router or mill as they are also called. Peter finished his master as best student of the faculty with a digital manufactured house for haiti and is now running his own businness with the development of a house system fully digital produced and based on friction fit connections. Within Econnect he is developing new concepts for the building sector. Next to that he also offers CNC cutting services with his FabFac.

We are very happy of the service and would like to thank him! And the look of the two students next to Pieters impressive machine shows their pride and joy also.



how fast it was done ? Pieter was so kind to make a video.