Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quintall supports Bucky Lab

We already mentioned the support from Quintall within the last posts. Now we had the time to pay them a visit and see their production facilities. We asked the metal expert based in Kwintsheul to machine some tiny nylon parts we weren't able to make with our own tools, and the company was so kind to support the project of one group of this semester.

Dr. Bucky Lab and Mark got a very impressive shop tour and discovered a lot of high end machines, next to CNC milling and turning tools, Quintall mostly machines and produces extrusion profiles for glasshouses, facades and sheet metal parts. Impressive was the stop at the robot laser station, this machine is able to lay down the finest welding beams - very impressive.

Mark was very happy when Michael Somerwil handed over the needed parts, in a quality we had never been able to make by ourself. Quintall works for different branches and we were surprised that they also machine parts for 3D printers in house, and  for all of you out there travelling via Den Haag central station - look up and guess who made the metal covers from the new glass roof ? Right Quintall did.

It was for sure not the last time we visited the friendly company, and if you are wondering what the two students are planning to do with the parts … we already saw a glimpse of it, we will show it later the month !

For now, thanks to Quintall for their support !

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


With the holidays in front of us, friends came along and their kids were so kindly to give us a helping hand. With their speed we were able to clean all the systainers in no time.

Thanks to Ronja and Vincent and Merle ( not in the picture but speed stacking already cleaned systainers...)