Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dr. Bucky Lab - best teacher of the year

What a semester …after a half year like a roller coaster, with stolen tools, a new hip, a new home and 17 wonderful prototypes build it could not end better …

Today our Dr. Bucky Lab Marcel Bilow received the title "Best Teacher of the Year". The last years Stylos asked the students every year who is the best docent of the faculty. After a clear vote from the students Marcel was chosen to receive this title. Engbert van der Zaag handed over the title he received last year.

" I am soooo proud to receive this title, showing that passion and dedication is honoured. To be honest this title is also dedicated to the whole course and the team behind it, all the docents and staff of our department makes this special course possible, also the supporters of the bucky lab who makes the building weeks so special, therefore I would like to thank not only all my students who voted for me, but also the whole team ! "

Your Dr. Bucky Lab - Marcel Bilow

Funny thing to mention …Stylos was first wondering who Dr. Bucky, Mr. Bucky Lab and Mr. Bucky the Rock ??? might be …haha you are so crazy and wonderful ! Thanks for voting, you are the best students of the year !

P.S. Still offline at home, we will place the models of this semester as soon as possible …