Monday, August 18, 2014

LICHT 2014 Projects picked

We did this semester in cooperation with the NSVV which is also organizing the LICHT2014 symposium in Den Haag.

We tackled the topic of daylight within this semester and now we picked 6 projects to be exhibited during the international event in Den Haag.

We are exited and proud to get a feedback from experts in the field and can't wait to show them in Den Haag.

Here are the projects that have been chosen:

    Jeroen, Robert & Kirolos - Resolver
    Ahmed & Rodrigo - Legacy
    Chiara, Dincer & Ebru - Origami Sun Shading
    Joost & Jasper - Invishade
    Hans & Peter - Light Box
   Guus, Rof & Ralf - Pixel perfect

Within the next weeks we will also show all the other projects, which are all worth being exhibited …