Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a short update

This semster starts different then the others before.... we actually pulled paralell running courses out of each other which will allow us to work more focussed in the bucky lab starting in October.

Up to now we have quite a nice mix of projects on the table. While a few are still in discussion we are proud to announce that we are doing a cardboard project with our phd researcher Jerzy Latka and we will also put our hands on a truck that will be transformed into a mobile daylight laboratory ... as you can see already quite a nice set up ...cross fingers for more to come.

if you are interested to see a few projects from last semester, we will be at guest on the LICHT 2014
symposium in Den Haag monday the 22nd of September, Dr. Bucky Lab will speak in Vienna about our latest developements on the 9th of October and then again during the Building Material and Innovation symposiun in Den Haag on September the 30th.

Check the website for more information, maybe also something within your interest.