Monday, September 22, 2014

Licht 2014 Workshop

What a day…

stuffing 6 Bucky Lab prototypes in the back of our car and meeting the experts of the Licht2014 symposium in Den Haag….

We did the last semester in cooperation with NSVV in preparation to join the Licht2014 event in Den Haag, today was the final day and we had a nice workshop with a group of experts. After a short introduction of the Bucky Lab we invited the guests to have a discussion with our students about their projects. Each of the guests were able to give a feedback via a sticker and after an hour all the projects charts were filled up with coloured dots.

A nice wrap up at the end of the session made clear that everyone loved the projects and were amazed about the innovative spirit the students. Also it was clear that the more simple projects seemed to be easier to implement than the more complex ideas.

We had a great day and the smile of the students showed that they enjoyed the discussions and admiration of the guests, its quite a rare opportunity for us to have a discussion about our concepts with a group of experts.

We would like to thank especially Paul Settels for the invitation and of course the team behind him from the NSVV and the Stichting Living Daylight.