Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Elevator Pitch - 72 concepts - what a day

Today we had our elevator pitch. After two weeks of hard work, our student had the opportunity to present their ideas. Quite a task to decide which projects will be further developed within the rest of the semester.

We gathered with the whole group in the morning to make sure we had all concepts in a row, Coen our student assistant took care of this and each students was less worried after checking that their page was included in the presentation.

Due to our threefold projects we split up the different topics during the day, and due to the fact that we have a bigger part of the faculty under construction for the refurbishment we also had to deal with different locations. In the morning we had the lightvan groups presenting their graphic designs for the exterior and the cardboard shelter groups their ideas made out of paper.

After lunch we had to move to the faculty of applied sciences to welcome our guest from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment ( Rijkswaterstaat or short RWS ). Being in this old faculty the contrast could have not been bigger - an old-school lecture room with mind-blowing fresh concepts.

While the lightvan ideas were excitingly broad and rich, the cardboard shelters already leading towards a folding, collapsable structure that can be used to erect a home for the homeless or an emergency shelter,  the concepts for the Beach Pavillion concepts are discussed even more intensively with the experts. Its difficult to address a new way of building on the shorelines of Netherlands that should be addressed in a pavilion exhibited during the Oerol festival where the design seems to more important than the message to tell. We like challenges and we are sure to make the best out of it !

What a day, high speed, fully loaded and inspiring and fascinating for each of us. A couple of the projects will not be further investigated, but no thoughts are wasted, this will have an impact on all of us and we might use these diamonds in the rough later in a different applications.

Great concepts, this will be an exciting semester ! Thanks to all of you for your efforts !

Enough of the words, let pictures speak: