Friday, December 5, 2014

Building weeks Day 1

Today we started the building weeks, quite unusual on a friday but different circumstances asked for this. So we gathered in the morning in the basement and moved the mobile workshop to the outside.
Breur our hardware store of choice and a great supporter of the bucky lab was so kind to take care of the transport of the workshop and arrived with their truck. After packing everything we moved to our location and set camp. Quite comfortable with two big doors and 70 students to help unloading.

It felt a bit like an invasion, and in less than 30 minutes the coffee was running and the machines set up.
Its only a real start of the building weeks when International Plywood arrives and this time they also brought a mobile forklift to move the plywood we ordered…so handy

After a short lunch break the experts from festool arrived to give our students a proper introduction on how to use the tools safely and showed a couple of tricks of the trade. Thank you Hans and Frans !

In the evening we placed everything behind closed doors, cleaned the hall and moved home. For the dutch people, its a special day, Sinter Claas, the night on which they get their christmas presents …

And yes it got a bit turbulent when we discovered that the door of the storage room was actually 40 mm too narrow, but we have a tool for that….

Now we are starting the weekend and will be back on monday to start our building weeks, up to now a perfect location, highly motivated students and good coffee…

thanks for the patience, help and of course also for the perfect service from festool, international plywood and breur, it went smooth as possible.