Monday, December 8, 2014

Building weeks Day 2

Normally a monday morning is always a bad day, having the weekend behind, it normally feels a bit strange to start working … not in the bucky lab it seems…the students arrived early and in couple of minutes the workshop was set up and it took not long that a busy sound of tools filled our workshop.

Short after the start the first delivery of cardboard profiles already arrived, cardboard profiles in quite a variety directly from our Polish sponsor: Packprofil ( In the lunchtime another truck arrived with corrugated cardboard produced especially for us by Storaenso factory in Tychy, Poland ( and the students had a big smile on their faces being able to start their projects. We would like to thank to Kloda, pots producer from Poland, for transportation of corrugated cardboard.

Profiles: Packprofil (
Corrugated cardboard: Storaenso (
Transport sponsored by pots producer Kloda (

Its quite amazing to see the projects move and and the progress was amazing to watch. A couple of boxes for the beach house projects were already finished, some first frames put together and the first elements of the cardboard pavilions already took shape.

The lightvan also shows first signs of transformations and a ceiling is already visible.

Here some pictures of the start of the week.