Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Building weeks Day 3

A christmas tree ? Really ? Sometimes things happens you can't predict …while the whole pack was busy and we just turned around, a christmas tree was standing in the workshop …what a treat and the students were right…its quite a special time we have right now.

Looking around every project is growing fast, wondering yesterday what these weird shaped parts may become that one student was cutting al day long on the bandsaw with a patience that is admirable, today is became clear, hinges for a tubular cardboard structure…

We placed the 3D printer today and the students were able to test their parts already after a couple of hours , still amazing to see how fast the student are able to make these technologies their own.

Coen our student assistant is our secret hero, he is not only our plumber, electrician, power tool advisor and master carpenter but also the one who keeps the coffee machine running …Thank you so much !

While all students looks a bit different than usual …warm clothing, safety shoes and googles does that to a human being we noticed a group of three, dressed as Team Blonde, ok the guy did not wear his shirt today so the girls posed without their teammate …we will get them together we promise !

The lightvan becomes more and more visible, we can't wait to see it in its yellow design at the end of the week…and we already have the salty smell we get used to in the semester back in the hall from the seaweed project for the RWS beach house project.

tomorrow we have to get rid of some waste …some seemed to be very happy if they end up in the evening standing in cardboard shreds  …everyone his own addiction …