Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Building weeks Day 4

Carwash …

seeing happy faces all over in the workshop is a well known sign that everybody is having fun and is proud of their accomplishments they have reached up to now. With only 3 productive days on the back, the progress is visible everywhere.

While the Ultimaker is humming in the office and the power tools running on high speed there was also time for some treats Tristan provided , its was his birthday - all the best !

Our lightvan team is making bigs steps forward and the furniture that will be placed in the van are already visible. The students are aiming for perfection till the last corner, sometimes not nessesary but knowing that they have never done it before we are very proud of the team.

After lunch we spend some time to clean the car, now its shiny and ready for the stickers tomorrow. Lets cross fingers everything will be up to the needs of the experts.

After some first setbacks of our RWS beach house sandstone group with the casting of the degradable sand bricks , the last set of bricks came out of the moulds nice and sharp.

by the way team Blonde is complete  …