Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Building weeks Day 8

1 and a half days to go …so we are nearly there, and as usual it seems that the old saying: how long do we need ? As long as we have the time to do it! - is right again. Most of the projects will be ready, or at least brought to a point where no more power tools are needed.

Today we had a visit from the members of the RWS coastal living group and the members were amazed by the passion the students put into their projects, showing very detailed concepts that allow a vivid discussion about the concepts.

A special appreciation to the guys of the sand brick group, that makes our Dr. Bucky Lab very proud - did you know that he is a master bricklayer ?

The lightvan is coming together more and more and tomorrow the last finishing touches has to be made.
Up to now it looks like we are able to complete it also.

Yesterday we also received a last shipment of honeycomb cardboard, quite amazing how light and strong these plates are.

Tomorrow we will have our bucky borrel, our party at the end of the building weeks, so we may already apologise if we are not able writing the blog tomorrow night ….