Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Building weeks Day 9

Party or as we name it Bucky Borrel

With the students rushing towards their finish line, its also time to celebrate their amazing accomplishments. Dr. Bucky throws a few bags of ice cubes over the beverages and gives the hotdogs a well deserved hot bath…simple but if you are as hungry as a lion after two weeks of hard building
this is what you need.

While the 3TU lightvan group still finished a couple of handles and locks the rest already started to
enjoy the evening. Even Bart de Groot from Walko our beloved workbenches and Frans van Dijk from  festool joined for a chat and were amazed by the work the students had done.

And at the end of the evening it was clear why the lightvan team was unstoppable, they already used the desk in the van for a chat with the parents and a cold beer ….

enough of the words, here some pictures.