Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Heco refills our Bucky Lab

While the numbers of the students within the bucky lab has grown over the last years, so has the number of partners supporting this unique and very special course.

The logos on our mobile workshop showing our honest appreciation towards these valuable partners, and to be honest without them, the bucky lab would not be what it is.

One of these partners is Heco Schrauben, the german specialist for wood screws, and today Maarten Lowie head of the dutch sales agency of heco came along to refill our special heco box.

Within these handy box which is the smallest but also the heaviest we store our orange treasure, a nearly complete set of heco screws in all dimensions and variations. Maarten had a little chat with Coen and Dr. Bucky Lab about the newest inventions, showed us some secrets about their products. Do you know that their Unix screws actually pulls the different wood elements together thanks to their clever design with a denser tread at the end of the screw ? Quite handy !

We would like to thank Maarten for this excellent support  !