Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A happy new year

After a very busy end of the year the dust settled in the 015Loods, our temporary home of the last weeks. Robert Akerboom one of our students made the effort to create a timelaps of our two weeks building actions. Quite amazing to see the time fly by and a clean warehouse at the end of the clip. The holidays came well deserved and everyone was able to refresh after these busy times, rumors told that our Dr. Bucky Lab did not stop building and prefered to work in his workshop instead of joining a proper meal at home with his family, true or not he also seems to be much more refreshed ...

The students are now back in the studio, writing their reports and adding some finishing touches to their models. We have to prepare the exhibition in the orange hall ...will be tricky to squeeze all the cardboard structures into the small space...

We wish you all the best and a busy 2015, may you build whatever you can imagine !




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