Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wild and Bold - the Photoshooting

one of the highlights of every semester is for sure the photoshooting, its the moment when all prototypes are visible in its finished state and the students itself are getting a better clou what the other groups actually made …

Due to the shear size of the most cardboard projects that will be erected in a few weeks for our Bucky Expo in the orange hall we had to improvise a bit, so for the cardboard projects only smaller tests and the scale models are visible today …we will make pictures of the pavilions later …promised.

The coastal living RWS projects are already visible but we weren't able to place the lightvan down in our basement. We set up our mobile photo studio down in front of the bucky cave which will cause a bit more work to get rid of a few spots on the wall and some text but, we are all amazed about the nice set of pictures we have taken today.

What a great result, today we share the set of group pictures, more to come later !