Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wiha news from the trade fair

Whenever one of our bucky lab supporters is on a trade fair close by we are curious about their news. This time our Dr. Bucky Lab visited the booth of Wiha, our partner for pliers and screwdrivers of all kind. On a fair, especially on a trade fair about tools its always a feeling like a kid in a candy store and this is exactly like our crazy docent was feeling on the built fair in Utrecht.

Wiha showed a couple of new tools, mostly with the aim to combine most needed tools for a specific tasks to lighten the craftsmens toolbox. The german company located in the black forest recently recieved the Manufacturing Excellence MX Award for their innovative products and success in the market. We got our hands on the tools and made two videos about these. They are actually filmed in dutch and german, but if you have a look, you will get it. Otherwise have a look here



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bucky Lab on the Building trade fair in Utrecht

While our semester exhibition is still showcased in Delft, a couple of daylight prototypes we made last semester in cooperation with NSVV are visible on the building trade fair in Utrecht. Within the "week van de bouw" dutch for week of the building, the facade trade fair "gevel" is also part of this trade fair.

We were invited to show some of our concepts and took the opportunity to invite also our colleagues from the faculty of Industrial design to who their concepts of integrating 3D printed parts in the build environment. The idea is quite clever, while others trying to print whole houses out of plastic , Jouke Verlinden and his team proposes to introduce these new technology in smaller steps, using already available parts and creating customised parts as an addition. In this case a wall socket cover is shown that covers a wall corner, which also includes sockets for low voltage USB plug to directly charge your phone or device with low voltage power, like supported by PV panels for instance.

The stand was well visited and many people liked to discuss the concepts and ideas shown. During a lecture series organised from the 3TU initiative we also introduced the lightvan project and Marcel Bilow showed the video the students made about the moving light laboratory.

Monday, February 9, 2015

3TU Lightvan

We already wrote about the 3TU lightvan we did in cooperation with TU Eindhoven. Watch this video our students made, it explains perfectly what the car is all about ...



Friday, February 6, 2015

Bucky Lab Finals - what a day

Our big day, after a long semester and a lot of work we finally had our finals. 3 different topics actually filled the whole day, starting with the cardboard shelter, followed by the 3TU lightvan project and closed by the session about our RWS coastal living project. After Lunch Anne Snijders the leader of the coastal living research project introduced the current design in which the bucky projects will be presented during the Oerol festival this summer.

What a show, if you haven't be there, we can truly say : You really missed one of the highlights of this semester. Due to the absence of a couple of students, to to the fact that we had to do this in the holiday period, we actually got some videos, which made a nice contrast to the other presentations. ( We will place them on the blog later ).

The students put a great show together, and everyone was surprised seeing the projects of their mates in full glory …Mick Eekhout put the students to the test asking serious questions, our guests from RWS were inspired and interested in details how to continue and Truus Hoordijk was overwhelmed about the wonderful movie about the lightvan.

Our Dr. Bucky Lab summed up the day with some remarkable moments to mention and rolled the beer car on stage to give a perfect end of the semester with a well earned party.
Thank you all for your passion and contribution to a great show ! Tonight we will fall asleep with a smile on our face …

Thursday, February 5, 2015

LIGHTVAN - ready to roll

One of our 3 projects was actually the transformation of an Mercedes Sprinter into a mobile light lab.
The project was funded by the lighthouse initiative of 3TU and will allow us to use this testing platform on location. Truus Hoordijk, the inventor of this project is doing research with elderly people and kids, so this truck will allow to visit test groups on location to do research with.

With a group of 8 students we engineered the loading dock at te back of the car to allow the mounting of different sized facade prototypes, a fully functional office and storage room to house the measuring equipment , the ceiling, artificial light and also the design of the exterior.

It was quite a project and the students did a great job, knowing that this thing will last and will be used for research in the future. With a late arrival of the roll curtains we grabbed a few rays of sun between rain showers and took some pictures of the car in full measuring dress. Honestly we were quite surprised to see the inside of the car for the first time in total white. It really transformed from a moving van to a mobile light laboratory - our LIGHTVAN

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bucky Lab Expo

We already placed a picture of the exhibition, but now its time to unveil a couple of pictures from the cardboard projects. We already showed the living coastline projects, but due to their shear size the cardboard shelters had to wait for their big moment …and we can say our orange hall is glowing nicely with the tones of cardboard and orange.

The exhibition is officially opened, and will stay till next weeks Wednesday, what a pity for not having more time to show it, so take the time and explore the amazing concepts that are visible in our faculty.

This friday we will have the final presentations, starting at 10.00 till 16.00 with a lunch break from 12.00 till 14.00 in the Oostserre / orange hall.


after a long and busy semester, we are aproaching the finals of our bucky lab seminar. This years coastal living projects are surrounded by a mass of cardboard shelters, while the lightvan has to wait outside…the Expo is already open so, have a look.
Interested? If you are in the region, join the finals on friday the 6th in the orange hall of the faculty of architecture TU Delft. We will start at 10.00

Monday, February 2, 2015


Our colleaques from facadeworld.com visited the building weeks from the bucky lab. Marcel Bilow aka Dr. Bucky Lab was asked to introduced the mobile workshop of the bucky lab, this is the first set, a couple of more short movies will follow and you are able to get an insight into the toolboxes from this unique mobile prototyping workshop.