Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bucky Lab on the Building trade fair in Utrecht

While our semester exhibition is still showcased in Delft, a couple of daylight prototypes we made last semester in cooperation with NSVV are visible on the building trade fair in Utrecht. Within the "week van de bouw" dutch for week of the building, the facade trade fair "gevel" is also part of this trade fair.

We were invited to show some of our concepts and took the opportunity to invite also our colleagues from the faculty of Industrial design to who their concepts of integrating 3D printed parts in the build environment. The idea is quite clever, while others trying to print whole houses out of plastic , Jouke Verlinden and his team proposes to introduce these new technology in smaller steps, using already available parts and creating customised parts as an addition. In this case a wall socket cover is shown that covers a wall corner, which also includes sockets for low voltage USB plug to directly charge your phone or device with low voltage power, like supported by PV panels for instance.

The stand was well visited and many people liked to discuss the concepts and ideas shown. During a lecture series organised from the 3TU initiative we also introduced the lightvan project and Marcel Bilow showed the video the students made about the moving light laboratory.