Thursday, February 5, 2015

LIGHTVAN - ready to roll

One of our 3 projects was actually the transformation of an Mercedes Sprinter into a mobile light lab.
The project was funded by the lighthouse initiative of 3TU and will allow us to use this testing platform on location. Truus Hoordijk, the inventor of this project is doing research with elderly people and kids, so this truck will allow to visit test groups on location to do research with.

With a group of 8 students we engineered the loading dock at te back of the car to allow the mounting of different sized facade prototypes, a fully functional office and storage room to house the measuring equipment , the ceiling, artificial light and also the design of the exterior.

It was quite a project and the students did a great job, knowing that this thing will last and will be used for research in the future. With a late arrival of the roll curtains we grabbed a few rays of sun between rain showers and took some pictures of the car in full measuring dress. Honestly we were quite surprised to see the inside of the car for the first time in total white. It really transformed from a moving van to a mobile light laboratory - our LIGHTVAN