Thursday, March 5, 2015

3D Printer that fits in a locker

Daniel Aaron Bislip a second semester bacherlor student is using his 3d printer intensively for the study and while the machine operating kept him at home he decided to make one that fits in his locker at the faculty of Architecture in Delft.

His goals were simple, small as possible, cheap and robust to be carried around. Based on a RepRap printer he decided to go with a canteliver arm, using only one stepper motor, he used a power scource small enough to fit in the case, decided to go without a heated bed, using PLA mostly a good way to go.

The print quality of his machine is quite good and does everything he asks for. While his prototype ( shown ) is already redesigned and replaced by a second one that is even more accurate and better engineered, Daniel is now busy making a kit that can be purchased to start your own 3D printer project that fits in a locker.

We will report when his website is running and the kit available, up to now we can only give him a thumbs up, great idea. This is the spirit that keeps the next generation running.